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At St Elizabeth’s we pride ourselves on providing our children with competitive opportunities, both in and out of school, in order to develop and use their PE skills. We are known for our outstanding sportsmanship and always remember the importance of the School Games Values when we compete.




St Elizabeths Competitions 2018-19

Y5/6 Girls Football

The girls had a great time at Goals in a Y5/6 tournament.

They played fantastically and finished 4th overall.

Well done girls!



Y6 Footgolf at Aintree Golf Centre

Children from Y6 enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Aintree Golf Centre.

Competing against other schools for the best footgolf team.

Although they didn’t win, all the children had a great time.



Daily Mile

Children across South Sefton took part in a Daily Mile event.

Years 3-6 ran around the the school playing field 4 times, supported by cheerleaders to encourage them as they ran. 

Children in KS1 “moved a mile” to music in the hall and enjoyed the experience immensely.








St Elizabeths Competitions 2017-18

Y3/4 Girls Football

The girls from Y3/4 played in a football tournament at Goals.

They played so well Miss Alty had to choose 2 Ladies of the Match!

LOM Hollie Hutchinson and Ava Kennedy.


KS1 Sportshall Athletics

Congratulations to all the children who took part. We had a wonderful time and came third overall.

South Sefton Footgolf Competition: 22nd September

For the first time our pupils took to the Footgolf Course at Aintree gold centre today and came back beaming! The children, many of whom had never been to a competition outside of school before enjoyed this unusual take on the sport of golf and have asked that more children in school be allowed to take part. Mrs Breen-Robinson took the scores and caddy role like a pro and no-one let the wet September weather affect their enjoyment of the afternoon. Thank you children for representing the school so well (even Lewis with his dabs!).

Sportsmanship Award: Lewis Jefferson

 SAM_4326 SAM_4332 SAM_4333 SAM_4334 SAM_4346 SAM_4347

Year 5/6 Boys Sefton Netball Tournament: 18th September

As in previous years it was up to the Junior boys to step up to the first competition of the year and step up they did. After only one rainy training session they came together to play fantastically well at GOALs in Aintree today and made an excellent start to the competition calendar. Although they did not lose a game they did not make it to the finals but they are showing much promise for the forthcoming year.  Keep it up boys!

Sportsmanship Award: Joe Gore

 2016-17 Hall of Fame

Year 5/6 South Sefton Netball Tournament: 14th June

Wow! After just a few short training sessions with our resident coach Miss Kneale, the Year 5/6 Netball squad came up on top at the South Sefton netball tournament for the first time ever. This is a wonderful achievement and the high scoring team now make their way to the Merseyside Games (our second team this year) in July. A huge congratulations to all- onwards and upwards!

Sportsmanship Award: Patrick Corcoran

DSC00375 DSC00374 DSC00377


Year 5/6 Girls Jade Matthews Tournament: 14th June

The girls took to the pitch once again in what was their most challenging and largest football tournament of the year. They played fantastically well and made it all the way to the semi final against Springwell but were just pipped to the post in the final minutes. We are so incredibly proud of the grils team this year, who have put in a lot of hard work and commitment in training. We wish you had made the final but you are all winners in our eyes!

Sportsmanship Award: Charlotte Hayes


Kwiksticks Hockey:  9th June

It is true that success begets success! Following the triumph of the girls football team yesterday the Kwiksticks Hockey teams swept the board at Northerm, proving that commitment to trsining really does pay off. We won the tournament for the third year running, securing both first and second place overall on a beautiful sunny day at Northern Hockey Club. The children now make their way to the Merseyside Games in July with Mrs  McCaughrean at the helm. Well done and the best of luck for the games!

Sportsmanship Award: Kacy Melton

20170609_120115 20170609_120150 20170609_120200


Year 5/6 Girls World Cup Football Tournament: 8th June

The girls started our last half term of sport off with a real bang storming their way to the final, representing France, at the Girls World Cup Tournament, hosted to celebrate the forthcoming Women’s World Cup. They played fantastically, making adaptations to team formation as they played and won  very close final against Springwell Park. It was a delight to watch the girls who are a real credit to the school and their coach Mrs McCaughrean. Well done girls!

Sportsmanship Award: Kallie Hardaker and Tia Buchanan

SAM_4188 SAM_4189 SAM_4190 SAM_4192 SAM_4196 SAM_4197


Y4 Football at Liverpool Academy: 24th May

Well done to our Y4 footballers, who represented St Elizabeth’s at a tournament at Liverpool’s Academy.

The boys finished 2nd in their league and have been invited back to play again in the next stages of the tournament.

A special mention for Oliver Moore who scored all St Elizabeth’s goals!

Sportsmanship Award: Joseph Gore


Quadkids: 19th May

Congratulations to our Y5 and Y6 pupils who took part in the Sefton Quad Kids Athletics Competition.

The team finished a respectable 4th place.

The events they competed in were:

75 m sprint

Howler throw

600 m run

Standing long jump.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Sportsmanship Award: Evie Neary

DSC00283 DSC00273 DSC00264 DSC00262

Crosby and Litherland Swimming Gala: 10th March

A fantastic time was had by all at the swimming gala.

Everyone put in 100% effort and the sportsmanship shown was fantastic.

Well done to Connor McLaughlin who got into the boys breaststroke final and to the boys freestyle relay team, 

Matthew Halliday, James Oldfield, Johnny Hayes and Connor McLaughlin who also reached the final.

Sportsmanship Award: Connor McLaughlin. 

Speed Stacking: 6th March

Miss Alty had a fantastic afternoon with some of the members of her after school Speed Stacking Club.

The tournament took place at The Hawthornes.

All the children were fantastic but special mention must go to Kaitlin Y2 and Oliver Y4 for winning their overall groups.

Sportsmanship Award: Shannon Mullen

DSC00143 DSC00147 DSC00199

Year 5 Everton Tournament at Goals: 27th February

Year 5 pupils battled against the weather and enjoyed a fantastic afternoon at Goals.

We played brilliantly and are proud of our performance.

Sportsmanship Award: The Whole Team

DSC00034 DSC00036

Highland Games: 6th February

Year 3 and Year 4 children took part in the Highland Games at The Hawthornes.

The children competed in many different events including ” The Highland Steps”, tossing the caber and a particular favourite, throwing a heavy weight backwards and upwards!

Our children had a great time and came in a respectable 4th place.

Sportsmanship Award: James Gourlay-Morris

IMG_1613 IMG_1649 IMG_1601 IMG_1642 IMG_1606

Year 3/4 Girl’s Football

A huge “well done” to all the girls who participated in the tournament. Each player showed resilience, enthusiasm and fantastic teamwork.

Sportsmanship Award: Chloe Buchanan

Dodgeball: 27th January

Wow! What a fantastic team we sent to participate at The Hawthornes Dodgeball Tournament.

The sportsmanship and determination that the team showed was fantastic.

After winning three games we narrowly missed out in the final.

Congratulations to all who participated.

Sportsmanship Award: Matthew Halliday.

Sportshall Athletics: 16th January

Year 5 took part in South Sefton’s Sportshall Athletics.

Everyone had a fantastic time and should all be very proud of themselves.

Sportsmanship Award: Connor Pattinson

SAM_3372 SAM_3413

Annual Santa Dash and Multiskills Events 2016: 8th December

The annual Santa Sport events went ahead in and out of doors and an otherwise rainy, cold day was lit up by the smiling faces of our children in their santa costumes and hats (including one full Christmas turkey!). Children from each class received medals for their achievements and Mrs Hallinan thoroughly enjoyed her first day back after the birth of her son Joshua who we are reliably informed is in training for next year. Merry Christmas everyone and keep up the running for our events in the new year!

Year 3/4 Girls Football: 4th November

A huge congratulations to all the girls who participated in the recent South Ssefton 5 -a-side tournament. Despite the nasty weather we had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute. The girls played brilliantly and only narrowly missed out on progressing further. Well done girls!

Sportsmanship Award: Chloe Buchanan

Year 2 Football: 1st November

At the recent South Sefton football tournament our Year 2 boys played brilliantly as a team, showing great enthusiasm and determination, especially during the final game when they came from 4-2 down to win 5-4. A win worthy of the Hall of Fame!

Spotmanship Award: Charley O’Brien

Year 1 Football: 18th October

Miss Sparrow and the team had a great time at the tournament, at Goals, despite the rain! The boys were a credit to our school as always and we look forward to seeing them progress further as they develop their skills in lessons and in our after school clubs.

Sportsmanship Award:Jack Brooks Gore

Junior Hula Hoop Challenge: Friday 14th  October

Two weeks ago, Mrs Hallinan challenged our Juniors to begin training for the hula hoop challenge, inspired by the BBC Sport Olympic Hula Hoop Challenge. It aired over the summer and featured athletic greats such as Jessica Ennis, Sir Chris Hoy, Usain Bolt and Andy Murray. After a week of trianing, the junior children took on the lunch time challenge and it was definitely more difficult than many had anticipated! Even some of the teachers found the 60 second marker elusive. Despite this, we had some outstanding performances from our winners, who all clocked times between 1 minute and 4 minutes long! Keep it up and we could be looking at record breakers in the future. Interestingly, the longest hula hooping marathon by an individual using a single hoop is 74 hours and 54 minutes and was achieved by Aaron Hibbs in the USA 2009. That may take a little more training…

Year 3: Nicola Roberts

Year 4: Chloe Buchanan

Year 5: Daisy Ward

Year 6: Kacy Melton

Hula Hoop challenge

Year 5/6 Girls Football: Friday 14th October

What a performance from our Year 5/6 Girls who have trained hard over the first few weeks of the year and made it to the final of the Girls Football Tournament. They played outstandingly, only narrowly missing out on first place to St Benedicts. With two more competitions scheduled for the girls this year it’s a great start and all the girls returned with big smiles and shiny silver medals! Well done girls and especially to Charlotte Hayes who was chosen once again by another member of staff for her outstanding sportsmanship and example of the School Games Values.

Sportsmanship Award: Charlotte Hayes


Junior Fun Run

A strong squad of runners was chosen following our in school trials for the Junior Fun Run this year and it was wonderful to see them out in force this Friday. Mrs Tarrington was even more impressed with the quuality than last year and for the first time we had children who won medals. Congratulations to all who competed but especially Matthew Halliday who came 2nd in the Year 5/6 run and Joseph Gore, who also came 2nd in the Year 3/4 category.

The children were an absolute credit to the school but a special mention must go to those who helped and encouraged others around the course (following in the footsteps on the Brownlee Brothers who were featured in our recent PE Assembly)- especially our sportsmanship award winner Charlotte Hayes who also encouraged those from other schools as well as ours. She is the perfect example of a pupil who embodies our School Games Values!

Sportsmanship Award: Charlotte Hayes



Year 3 Football

Step aside Juniors there’s a new team on top- it’s our fantastic Year 3 football team. Mr Daniels was extremely impressed with the 5-0 and 6-0 games that led the team towards the top of their group. Despite dominating their game against St Benedicts, they lost 1-0 and missed out on the final and therefore narrowly missed out on the final. Despite this they returned with big smiles on their faces and with good reason. Well done boys!

Sportsmanship Award: Isaac Da Conciecao

SAM_2994 SAM_2996 SAM_2999 SAM_3005

Year 6 Football

It was Year 6 up for the first very difficult competition of the year at GOALs in Aintree this Thursday afternoon. Although they fought valiantly but did not make it out of the group stages instead returning to school to continue with their training with our new after school football coaches more determined than ever to improve their skills. Onwards and upwards boys! We apologise for the lack of photos this is due to a camera malfunction but will get a team photo of the boys in action in their next game.

Sportsmanship Award: Matthew Halliday

2015-16 Hall of Fame

Merseyside School Games

For the first time, our school made it to the Merseyside Games in two sports this year. The Hockey Team once again made the trip to Wavertree Sports Park for the annual Summer Games and were joined by our Quadkids Team. Children took part in events throughout the day, competing with the best across Merseyside in their respective sports. Both teams had some individual success and the hockey team won a number of games. Although they did not win an overall title, we are extremely proud of their achievements through both the afternoon and this year. Many thanks to Mrs McCaughrean for her coaching this year along with Miss Kneale, Mrs Coleborne and Mrs Breen-Robinson for their tireless support of our sports team this year!

Sportsmanship Award: Quadkids-  Connor McLoughlin

Sportsmanship Award: Hockey- Tia-Marie Buchanan

SAM_1647 SAM_1648 SAM_1665 SAM_1675SAM_7019

Bootle Olympics

In celebration of the forthcoming Olympics, Savio High School organised an incredible Bootle Olympics this year on their grounds. Children took part in a variety of sports following a quadkids format and we are delighted to say that we were victorious! Well done to all children who took part on what was thankfully a sunny afternoon. Thank you to teachers, staff and young leaders from St Elizabeths and Savio who organised and supported the event.

Sportsmanship Award: Kallie Hardaker

DSCF1825 DSCF1829 DSCF1831 DSCF1837 DSCF1840

Year 3 /4 Tennis

Children from Year 3 and 4 were selected following work completed with our Partnership Coach last half term in school and at the Tennis after school club. Many children had never played the mini red tennis format before and loved the experience at The Hawthornes. Well done to our children who showed great skill during the afternoon.

Sportsmanship Award: Joel Sheils

Girls Football- Jade Matthews Tournament

The Girls Football team took on opponents from across Sefton and the elements at Springwell for the annual Jade Matthews Fooball Tournament. The children, who were missing a few key players, played incredibly well and against all odds made it through to the semi-final and came third! An incredible team performance to finish an excellent year following the hard work and commitment they’ve put into training all year.

Sportsmanship Award: Ava Jones 

South Sefton Hockey

It’s official- we have made history once again! After achieving first and second place in last years hockey tournament the school’s A, B and C teams achieved first, second and third place in the South Sefton Hockey tournament at Northern Hockey Club. The children were outstanding thanks to the many hours of training they have put in since the beginning of the year with super coach Mrs McCaughrean. Congratulations to the players who will now join the Quadkids Team at the Merseyside Games in July. 

Sportsmanship Award: Tom Roberts 


Kwik Cricket

Our Kwik Cricket tournament was rained off today after a short fielding spell. Hopefully we will have a chance to play again before the end of the year. 


A huge well done to our Year 5 and 6 Quadkids teams who performed outstandingly today in the South Sefton competition. We were delighted to come first overall and are now on the way to the Merseyside Games on the 8th July- a first for our athletics teams. Congratulations all! 


Sportsmanship Award: Tia Buchanan

Sportmanship Award Winners –  Spring Term


31st March: Year 6 Everton Football Tournament

Congratulations to the Year 6 boys who came third in the South Sefton Year 6 Boys Everton Tournament yesterday. The boys played fantastically well and there was a goal fest throughout the afternoon- with Tom Bunday scored an incredible seven! Well done to all who played.

Sportsmanship Award: Thomas Roberts 


22nd March: Year 6 Girls Merseyside Games

See our main news feed for the wonderful achievements of the Year 6 Girls once again as they represented the school at the Winter Games in Halton.

Sportsmanship Award: Aaliyah Wright 

17th March: Year 3 Archery

Congratulations to the Year 3 Archery Team who took part in a local competition at The Hub, following their Archery lessons with specialists from Liverpool in the Autumn term. The Mayor was particularly impressed by our children who came back beaming and thoroughly enjoyed their competitive experience. A special mention goes to Kaitlin Wright who won second place and a £25 cash prize for her outstanding archery skills!

Sportsmanship Award: Kaitlin Wright

IMG_0256 SAM_2289 IMG_0279

11th March: Bootle Schools Swimming Gala

A big well done to the St Elizabeths Swimming Squad who took to the water follow weeks of training and trials at Crosby Swimming Baths this Friday. Although they were unable to complete the final races, all children performed fantastically well. A special thanks goes to Johnny Hayes and Aimee Hill who stepped in to fill in for children who were unwell. The boys swim team also deserves congratulations for reaching the final and Connor McLoughlin who reached the final of the Boys Championship race. The team look excellent for next year and we look forward to seeing them race again!


Sportsmanship Award: Emily Gosling 

8th March: Year 5 Everton Football Tournament

It was the turn of the Year 5 boys to grace the football pitch this week and they played fantastically well throughout the afternoon’s games at GOALs in Aintree with Mrs Lavery. The boys made a very formidable side and only lost to the eventual victors of the competition. A great squad to build on for next year we look forward to seeing them in action again in the summer.

Sportsmanship Award: Matthew Halliday



1st March: South Sefton Speedstacking

Well done to our representatives from Year 1 to Year 6 who attended the South Sefton Speedstacking competition this week at the Hawthornes. After all their hard work they came a credible third place. A particular mention goes to Kacy Melton- our superstar stacker who was also able to complete the challenging ten stack. 

Sportsmanship Award: Kacy Melton

SAM_3297SAM_3308 SAM_3318 SAM_3319

23rd February: Year 4 Everton Football Tournament

Year 4 footballers were in good form for the South Ssefton football tournment winning a number of local derby games and playing excellently throughout. The standout players were our two sportsmanship award winners (Mrs Lavery just couldn’t choose between them) although all pupils played excellently and, due to injuries, played every single game. Well done boys!

Sportsmanship Award: Jack Kent and Joel Sheils

1st February: Year 3 Highland Games

Well done to our enthusiastic Year 3 pupils who took part in a brand new competition for St Elizabeths- The South Ssefton Highland Games. We were extremely impressed by the enthusiasm of all involved, especially Kayleigh-Jane, Callum and Michael. It was great to see our children give 100% and explore new challenges with huge smiles on their faces!

Sportsmanship Award: Callum Moran

DSCF1893 DSCF1896 DSCF1906 DSCF1908 DSCF1938

29th January: KS1 Speedstacking Competition

A huge thank you to both the highly enthusiastic infant children and the Year 6 Sports Leaders for an excellent intra school speedstacking competition. After learning the 3-3-3 stack the children went head to head in order to secure a place in the South Sefton Speedstacking Competition in a few weeks time. Watch this space…

DSCF0112 SAM_1124 SAM_1126 SAM_1135

13th January: Year 6 Liverpool Football Tournament

After giving up their lunchtimes to train, the Year 6 boys were in great form at the (very cold) Lliverpool football tournament today. Well done to the boys who have come a long way since the start of the year and improved with each game they played, coming fourth overall. Well done boys!

Sportsmanship Award: Christian Bancroft

11th January: Girls Basketball

Many thanks to the Year 5 girls who represented the school at South Sefton Basketball Tournament in the absence of Year 6. The girls received an hours coaching before taking to the court and came fourth place within their group. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the competition and have had great practice ahead of next year.

Sportsmanship Award: Ella Hughes

9th, 11th and 16th December: KS1 and KS2 Santa Dash

It was time once again to put on our Santa hats and jumpers and dash our way around school in our second Autumn Intra School challenge. All children started with a traditional ‘Ho-ho-ho!’ and then ran or walked their distance. Well done to all children who pushed themselves regardless of ability and finished the race with a smile on their face. Below are our Santa Dash winners from the infants and juniors. Many thanks to Year 6 leaders who helped marshall at the events.

SAM_2026 SAM_2016 DSCF0816 DSCF0813 DSCF0815 DSCF1003 SAM_6450 SAM_6222 SAM_6256 SAM_6490 SAM_6280 SAM_0871 SAM_0884

8th December: Year 3, 4 and 5 Christmas Multiskills Challenge

Many thanks to the Leaders and teachers of The Hawthornes who came and ran our Christmas Multiskills challenge in the hall today. The children were put through their paces in a range of multiskills activities whilst wearing their festive Christmas hats!

DSCF0982 DSCF0983 DSCF0985 DSCF0988

DSCF0990 DSCF0991 SAM_1946 SAM_1964

20th November: Year 5/6 Basketball

On Friday Year 5/6 pupils took aprt in the South Sefton Basketball competition and played fantastically well! Their skills and determination combined well and they came second in their group to a very strong team from Formby. The children were a real credit to the school and were beaming with pride at their performance. Well done to team manager Callum Wynne who organised the team for the games as all the players who gave 100% on court.

Sportsmanship Award: Tom Bunday

SAM_6033 SAM_6042 SAM_6058 SAM_6065 SAM_6069

9th November: Year 2 Sportshall Athletics

Congratulations to Year 2 who competed excellently in the South Sefton KS1 Sporthall Festival at The Hawthornes on Monday afternoon. They were put through their paces during the running, jumping and throwing multiskills events and represented our school really well. Congratulations to the girls who came 1st and the boys who came 4th!

Sportsmanship Awards: Hollie Lloyd, Jun Xi 

SAM_0555 SAM_0505 SAM_0506 SAM_0508 SAM_0512

SAM_0518 SAM_0520 SAM_0548 SAM_0552

19th October: Year 6 Tag Rugby

After the disappointing turn of events in the Rugby World Cup, St Elizabeths stepped forward to lift the school in the South Sefton Tag Rugby competition this week and did not fail to disappoint! After some coaching sessions from Paul Weare (Waterloo RUFC) the children demonstated excellent skills and knowledge of the game all the way to the finals! It was a very close fought contest but in the end they lost to Our Lady of Wwalsingham but everybody was so proud of their efforts. ‘They were fabulous,’ Mr Weare said, lost for words. ‘A great day was had by all of us,’ Mrs Breen-Robinson added. ‘We are so proud of how they played and represented the school.’ Many thanks also to our match day reporters and photographers who covered the events.

Match Day Reporters: Olivia Halliday, Lily-May Cullen

Sportsmanship Award: Christian Bancroft

SAM_5780 SAM_5796 SAM_5811 SAM_5814 SAM_5834

16th October: Year 5/6 Girls Football

The hard work put in at their after school club really paid off for the Year 5/6 girls football team, who came fourth in a very close contest at GOALS in Aintree this Friday. Mrs McCaughrean returned beaming with pride because the girls gave 100% and have improved their skills and tactics so well since September. ‘They really worked together as team and gave their all in every game,’ Mrs McCaughrean said afterwards. A special mention has to be made of Rosie King, a product of the St Elizabeths Football system, who scored an incredible 17 goals over the course of the tournament. The record has now been set- who will beat it?

Sportsmanship Award: Rosie King

15th  October: Year 1 Football

A huge well done to Year 1 in the first year St Elizabeths have entered the Year 1 Everton Football tournament. The squad did not fail to impress Miss Sparrow with their energy and enthusiasm and got better and better with each game they played. A special well done to Joel Binsteed, a future footballing star for the school and Miss Sparrow who was hoarse from cheering on the sidelines!

Sportsmanship Award: Joel Binsteed

9th October: South Sefton Fun Run

Following Year 6 trials in school, St Elizabeths entered the South Sefton Fun Run at Litherland Sports Park today. The children had to run a mile long course in teams of 4 and we competed in the Year 3/4 and 5/6 competition. All the children placed very well and although we did not win any team medals a special well done goes to the star of the show, Christian Bancroft, who came 4th out of 80 children! Congratulations to the children, who as expected, showed both a competitive spirit and the school games values we live by in our school.

Sportsmanship Award: Lennon Lloyd

DSCF0715 DSCF0720 DSCF0721 DSCF0724 DSCF0726

5th October: Year 2 Football

It was Year 2’s turn to step up today and they represented the school admirably at the Everton Tournament at GOALS. The team, with Miss Sparrow experienced both success and defeat but were truly beaming by the end of the afternoon. Miss Sparrow was very proud of them all and had a very difficult job picking the Sportsmanship Award. A huge well done to the children who took part.

Sportsmanship Award: Dean Peet

SAM_1656 - Copy SAM_1658 - Copy

1st October: Year 3 Football Tournament

Well done to our Year 3 boys for their performance at the Year 3 Everton Tournament on Thursday. They finished in 4th place and our top goal scorers were Joseph Gore and Joel Durney. Thanks also to reporter Joseph Tyson who took photos, collected match stats and chose our Sportsmanship Award winner Callum for his determination and speed during all the games. Well done boys-  a great team for the future!

Sportsmanship Award: Callum Lindsey
Match Day Reporter: Joseph Tyson

SAM_2964 SAM_2963