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2016 School Sports Week

School Sports Week 2016

Paralympic Theme

This year our fun, action-packed School Sports Week has had a number of cross-curricular links and a focus on paralympic events.  Read below to find out more! 

Around the World Morning 

It all started with our geography morning on Monday in order to give children a flavour of the countries competing in the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games 2016. With the support of Year 6 Leaders, children from Year 1 to Year 6 moved around their countries and took part in a variety of different activities from dance, food tasting, music lessons, singing and art. Thanks to our wonderful Year 6 leaders and all staff who organised the events.

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Paralymic Lessons

We are incredibly lucky in Britain to have such a strong paralympic team and so many have inspirational stories to tell. On Mondau afternoon we explored the paralympic values and found out more about the ‘Real Life Superhumans’ of the games.

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Blindfold Trust Activities

On Tuesday teachers posed the question, ‘What would it be like to compete without sight?’ Children took part in blindfold trust and orienteering activities to explore the reality of living with limited sight and got a much better understanding of how incredible the achivements of partially sighted athletes. Many thanks to Year 6 leaders who ran the infant events and well done to Miss Sparrow who braved the challenge herself!

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On Wednesday our Year 1-4 pupils got a chance to try Boccia- an official sport of the Paralympic Games. Children were encouraged to play the game from a seated position in order to experience the sport from the experience of those athletes in wheelchairs. Many thanks to the Hawthornes School Leaders who supported during the sessions.

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Seated Volleyball

Year 5 and 6 children had an absolute ball on Wednesday afternoon taking up the challenge of seated volleyball. Many found it extremely challenging to compete from a seated position but all found the pace face and fun. There have been many requests for the games to be played again since! Mmany thanks again to the Hawthornes leaders for their support during the sessions. 


Infant Multiskills Morning

Our infant children were treated to a fun and active Fundamental Skills Morning with Active Sefton in school on Thursday. There were many red and happy faces following the sessions!

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Junior Sports Afternoon

On Thursday afternoon it was time for our Juniors to step up for our fast-paced athletics afternoon on the school field. Children moved around 14 stations with a variety of challenges including sprinting, vortex howler, speed bounce, long jump and target throwing to name a few! Well done to all the children and our Junior staff for their support in running the event.

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Race for Life

Our week finished with the first Race for Life Event in preparation for ‘Helping Hands Week’, thankfully avoiding the rain forecast during the morning. Children were asked to come into school in either pink or blue and bring in a £1 donation towards Cancer Research UK. Cancer is something that has touched our school community over the last few years and as a result many children also chose to raise additional sponsorship. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of our school community and to date we have raised just over £1700 (well over our initial £500 target). Thank you so much for your help and support and a huge well done to our wonderful, kind-hearted pupils and families.

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