« Please note: School Dinners cost £10.50 per week, payable in advance . »     ...     « For safety reasons please do not cross the blue line on the playground when picking up or dropping off your children. »     ...     « Please see clubs pages for days and times of after school clubs. »     ...     « Please park safely outside of school - Not on the zig-zags - If possible please walk to school. »     ...     « Places available in Breakfast Club, opens at 7.45 am, last admittance for Breakfast Club 8.20 am, £2 daily. »     ...     « We are collecting Sainsbury's Vouchers, please send any vouchers into school with your child - thank you. »


St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School

Spring Term 2018 Assembly Dates KS2

17th January – Prayer Praise Topic 1

7th February – Prayer Praise Topic 2

14th March – Prayer Praise Topic 3

Easter Assemblies

19th March – Y3 Palm Sunday

20th March – Y4 The Last Supper

21st March – Y5 Good Friday

22nd March – Y6 Easter Sunday


Autumn Term 2017 Assembly Dates KS2

13th Sept – Prayer Praise Topic 1

1st Nov – Prayer Praise Topic 2

22nd Nov – Prayer Praise Topic 3


Summer Term 2017 Assembly Dates

26th April – Prayer Praise Topic 1

3rd May – 4J


17th May – Prayer Praise Topic 2

24th May – 3B

14th June – 3J

21st June – Prayer Praise Topic 3 (KS2)

21st June – 1SA

28th June – 4/5A

5th July –  5K

12th July – Y6

13th July – Y2

14th July – Reception


Autumn Term 2016 Assembly Dates KS2

14th Sept – Prayer Praise Topic 1

21st Sept – 6BT

28th Sept – 6M

5th Oct – 4J

12th Oct – 3B

19th Oct – Harvest Festival 3J

9th Nov – 5K

16th Nov – Prayer Praise Topic 3

23rd Nov – 4/5A


Summer Term 2016 Assembly Dates

Wed.27th April – Prayer Praise Topic 1

Wed. 25th May – 3B

Wed. 8th June – 4J

Fri 17th June – 3J (10.45 am)

Fri. 17th June – 1Sp

Wed.22nd June – 4/5K

Wed. 29th June – St Peter and St Paul Celebration, Y4 Sacrament Celebration.

Wed. 6th July – 1S/B

Wed 6th July – 5TP

Fri. 8th July – Y2 Moving On

Wed. 13th July – Year 6

Fri. 15th July – Reception


Spring Term 2016 Assembly Dates

Wed. 13th January – Prayer Praise Topic 1  (KS2)

Fri. 29th January – 2WL

Wed. 3rd February Prayer Praise Topic 2  (KS2)

Fri. 12th February – 2Wh

Fri. 4th March – 1Sp

Wed. 9th March Prayer Praise Topic 3  (KS2)

Fri. 11th March – 1S/B

Fri. 18th March – Reception

Mon. 21st March Palm Sunday  Y3

Tues. 22nd March Last Supper  Y4

Wed. 23rd March  Good Friday  Y5

Thurs. 24th March  Easter Sunday  Y6


Autumn Term 2015 Assembly Dates

All Assemblies will begin at 9am

Wed. 9th September  Prayer Praise Topic 1

Wed. 16th September   6H

Wed. 23rd September   6M

Wed. 7th October   3B

Wed. 14th October  Harvest Festival  3J

Wed. 21st October  4J

Wed. 11th November  4/5K

Wed. 18th November  Prayer Praise Topic 3

Wed. 25th November 5TP